How to Optimize Your Company’s Twitter Account in 5 Easy Steps

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twitter tipsThink of your company’s Twitter page as an online business card or trade show booth. That should clarify what should, and shouldn’t, be displayed on that page, if you want to project competence and professionalism.

1. Fill out every field in your Twitter settings, especially “Location” and “Time Zone.” Local search is hot, and you need to be found. (Hint: Google loves Twitter.)

2. If you’re a big company, pick your business logo for your Twitter avatar (under “Settings/Profile/Picture.”) This goes to branding, and avoids overly personalizing your company. After all, personnel come and go…

However, if you’re a small business or sole proprietor, use a quality headshot of the owner instead. This personalization makes you more approachable.

3. Don’t use Twitter’s standard backgrounds. Under “Settings/Design,” change the background and design colors to match your company’s branding. For instance, try a solid background in one company color, with your link colors in another.

For now, don’t invest in an elaborate, customized design. Twitter is rolling out its own redesign for account pages, with added video and other elements that may block out your carefully chosen customized additions. Wait and see the final design for “new Twitter” before you spend too much time (or money) on an elaborate background.

4. Optimize that Profile Bio. Don’t waste those 160 precious words, and use every single one. Include the same keyword phrases that are already part of your Google strategy. Repeat what you wrote in “Location.” (See: “Google loves Twitter!”)

Don’t toss in generic trendy (or worse, outdated) marketing jargon. Instead: Was your company praised by a trusted influencer? Been “profiled in the WSJ”? Made an industry Top 10 list? Use this tiny space for bragging rights, not empty buzzwords.

Finish with an irresistible call to action. After all, your URL is right there for the clicking.

5. Social proof matters. If you position yourself as an “expert” on anything, having only a handful of followers is an instant turn-off. Build up that number before heavily promoting your company’s Twitter account.

Because so many businesses have unoptimized Twitter accounts, just following the five steps will put you ahead of your competition.

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