Protecting Reputation in Social Media

Social media and networking has got to be the biggest sharing platform in the world. In this very technology oriented world, privacy is already becoming an issue. It has always been a debatable point in social networking.

Privacy and online reputation go well with each other. Once your privacy has been invaded, your reputation goes down with it. Even if privacy settings have been introduced by networking sites like Facebook, twitter and Google +, most of the people don’t really understand how it works.

Online reputation is critical especially when you are looking for a job. According to surveys, around 59% of hiring managers take a look at your online profiles. So how do people protect their social media reputation? Here’s how:

  • You can try to search yourself in search engines and check how your profile looks in public. Being able to see the information that is shared publicly will help you know what data needs to be removed.
  • Go over the settings of the social media site and edit your preferences. There are already settings where in only you can see them or your friends and family too. You can choose to approve photos first before they show up on your profile.
  •  It is also good to keep a separate personal profile from a business profile. When you are into marketing or real estate, you don’t want to post picture of your nightlife clubbing to your customers right?
  • As much as possible, make sure that the information you post on these networking sites are harmless.
  • Proofread statuses before hitting the ‘post’ button.
  • Do not share any kind of photos that could be detrimental to you, your friendship with others, and your career.
  • A fundamental way of posting is post something as if it were public, even if your settings state that they’re private.
  • Do not post any pornographic content or things that give out a similar vibe.

Social reputation should also be protected by businesses since 52% of consumers believe in what other people has to say about the company. At the end of the day, privacy and reputation is your own responsibility. You have to control whatever information you share on social media sites.

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