Where to find cool Facebook Banners

With millions of people all over the world who has a profile, Facebook is definitely the leader in social networking. To remain at the top of the list, Facebook creators are constantly looking for ways to make the site better than it was before. New applications, new profile settings, added security settings and features like places and fan pages are being introduced to the public.

One of the recent developments in Facebook is the addition of profile banners. If you are currently using the old Facebook style, then the profile banner is the series of pictures that you see at the top of your profile. These are usually the recently tagged pictures of the user.

Developers have found a way to make those few pictures into a banner for the profile. It could be a series of photos that will form a big photo or a caption that will be read clearly once placed side by side. A lot of applications will allow any user to do this like FB profile banner application, Banner profile application and Profile Banner FB application.

Recently, Facebook has announced that it will be implementing its newest profile look in the hopes of retaining its top rank in social media sites. The new profile will be called Facebook Timeline. One of the features of the timeline is the cover photo which will take up most of the topmost part of your profile. Just like profile banners, cover photo banners can also be customized with the help of a few applications that developers and Facebook users have developed themselves. An example of this service is Pic Scatter.

Pic Scatter will allow the user to create a profile banner that will showcase his or her friends or likes. Timeline cover maker by Timelinecoverbanner.com is also another tool that will help you customize your own cover photo. This app will allow users to upload a potential cover photo and draw on the image before posting it.

Cover Canvas is another tool in customizing a profile banner. There are a lot of templates to choose from. Now that Facebook has decided to apply timeline to all profiles soon, you might want to try these tools to make your profile look better.

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