Why Facebook should be allowed in Offices

social media toronto businessThere are a lot of companies all over the country that do not allow online web surfing in the office. There are also corporate centers that have internet access but blocks all social networking sites especially Facebook.

Many CEOs of different companies say that Facebook and other social networking sites can hamper the productivity of their employees and it distracts them from the actual job at hand. However, recent studies say otherwise.

Social Networking in the Office

A study has just released information that social networking at work can actually improve the performance and the productivity of the workers.

  • The study was done with different groups of employees and a control group to which the results will be compared to.
  • At the end of the research, the study recommends that all employers must allow web browsing in the office during break periods to help the employees improve their work performance.
  • The makers of the study are also keen in specifying that online web surfing in the corporate setting must be done in moderation.

Until today, the debate whether or not to allow social networking to be accessed in the office still goes on.

Social Networking Makes Employees Happy

The explanation of the study actually starts with happiness. Happiness is said to be contagious. And when employees are happy, they are able to perform better.

But why is happiness being considered in the study? It is because being able to surf the web and access social media sites can actually elevate the mood of the person. Employees will have the chance to check on their friends and loved ones.

The population of the study was tested with regard to their mental exhaustion and how browsing the internet can help during these situations.

True enough, the result has shown that those people who were given 10 minutes to surf the web during their break time are able to perform better in the test.

Many participants claim that the work can make people bored and tired. This creates an effect in the performance of the person.

Being able to look at their social networking accounts can lessen the boredom and can prevent exhaustion of the brain due to work.

These people are able to think clearly and they are also able to focus more than those who were restricted. Even though the study is showing positive signs of Facebook in the workplace, company executives are still very reluctant to apply this method in their own companies.

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