How to Optimize your Website for Local Marketing

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Many small local companies are now bringing their businesses online. This is a very smart move because the online community can add volume to their target customers. But local businesses need to be very specific when it comes to their websites. Their online presence will be dictated by the amount of useful information that the consumers can get from their pages.

These days, consumers are using internet marketing to find local businesses that they can visit in their area. Without a well-developed page, small businesses will miss their chance in attracting new leads from these mobile avenues.

Here are some very useful tips on how you can create a better website that will attract local visitors:

  • Emphasize contact information on each page. One of the most important things that you should never forget is to highlight and emphasize the contact information of your business not just in one section of your company website but in every page possible. This may sound very simple but this step is one of the most commonly neglected processes that small business owners tend to forget.


Placing your contact details in the ‘About Us’ section of your website is already a given thing. But people do not usually go to that page unless they really want to get to you. So as soon as visitors enter any page in your site, make your contact details available so you could call them to action. This is a process that can help generate sales.

If you want to get your customers to visit your store, highlight your business address at the top of the screen or if you wish them to call your business, post and emphasize the company phone numbers with respective operating hours.

  • Add a Live Chat Customer Service feature. No matter how informative your website is and how simple your company web design was made, consumers will always have questions about your firm whether it is about navigating through your website, information about your products, or about ordering, payment, and shipping. Most websites only place their email address where consumers can send a message but replies would usually take a few hours to days. With a live chat feature, the questions of your consumers will immediately be answered and your sales representative can even initiate a sale with the online consumers.
  • Do not forget adding searchable keywords in your content. So that your website will be picked up by the search engines, you need to make sure that you incorporate searchable keywords into your content. The keywords that you use should also be related to your business or to the items that you are selling.

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