Tips to Promote Old yet Popular Content

Sometimes, website owners are too caught up with the processes in SEO services in the aim of getting a higher ranking in search engines. Although optimizing your website following the standards of search engine optimization is really beneficial to your website’s visibility, it is not everything that you have to do. You still need to focus on what the contents of your website are.

A good way in adding meaningful content into your page is to resurrect those old contents that you have already posted which gave you a lot of page views. Promoting an old content from your website is a common thing that bloggers do to help generate more page views and keep their followers updated.

Here are tips on how you can promote those popular contents that have been shadowed by your newer and latest posts:

  • Make an archive section where you can group together the popular posts. A very good way to drive more traffic into your previous posts is to make a specific section in your website where people can easily find them. You can add another link at the top panel of your screen where the top posts are found. In reality, website visitors will also look at your popular posts so they would know what other people are reading and talking about. This will also show all of those content articles that you think have been the best in your page.
  • Create new articles and contents with links to your old contents. This is a very effective way to let new page visitors know that you have actually written about this topic in the past. If you have a collection (3 or more) of articles that have the same genre, you can create a new article where the in-depth explanations can be found on those links to the old articles. You might be surprised to see the page views and visits to those old posts increase over time. This is also a good way to do backlinking within your own website.
  • Create a sidebar where featured contents can be easily found. If you really have those wonderful articles and contents that you have made in the past and you really want to promote them, don’t waste any space and add a link to the content directly from the sidebar of your main page. This way, the link will be clearly visible to the visitors and they can click on the link quickly if they are interested.

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