Common mistakes people commit when using Facebook for business

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Social media marketing has become a popular way to promote a business online.  As more and more people turn to social networking sites to entertain and be entertained, connect with friends, new and old, and even post updates and information on certain topics, it is no wonder that businesses big and small turn to these sites to advertise their products and services.

One of the most popular social networking sites is Facebook.  With over a billion people using the site every month, this social networking site has become a goldmine for entrepreneurs wanting to harness its potential.

But like anything else, the power of social networking can be abused, much to the chagrin of the other users.  And here are some of the atrocities entrepreneurs new and old commit when using Facebook for business:

  • Posting requests to like your fan page in other people’s business page.  We’ve seen that a whole lot and not only does this make your business look shady, it’s also very insulting to the owner of the business page.
  • In relation to the previous item, it’s also in bad taste to pitch your own products and services as a solution to a problem posted in someone else’s business page.
  • Using a national tragedy to promote your business.  We have heard of big businesses earning flak by committing this faux pax.  When it comes to promoting your business during the time of a national tragedy, it’s best to remember that it is better to stay quiet if you don’t have anything helpful to say.
  • Spamming everyone’s newsfeeds with your constant promotion.  No one wants to see the same name in their entire newsfeed.  So unless you want to be blocked from someone’s friend list or unfollowed by some of your most avid fans, keep posts to a minimal.  A post or two per day is much more ideal.
  • Too much sales pitch.  In the social networking world, people are more concerned with being informed and entertained.  So aim to promote content that educates and entertains your guests at the same time, instead of selling them your products and services.  Even in the real world, you’ll find yourself slamming your door, or ignoring calls from a salesperson when he or she starts the conversation with the benefits of the products they are selling.  Same concept applies with promoting your business in social networking sites.

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