Google Analytics: The Detective App

Are You Lost? Or simply wondering what Google Analytics is. If so, then let me put it out for you on a plate: Google Analytics Basics is a useful tool that will make your life easy.

If you are alien to the concept of Google Analytics, then let me assure you that you have landed in the right place. To begin with, Google Analytics is a tool that helps you measure traffic. In this article, you will learn a) why you should have this, b) how you can have access to it and c) how you can help yourself with common problems that you might come across.

Why is Google Analytics a must?

Creating a blog or a website in an attempt to start off with a new venture is ONLY the first step. However, usually, website owners think and feel that this is the final step, which is not the case. Do you know why? Let me tell you why. The reason is that Google Analytics helps you analyze those peculiarities that usually, spin in your head, but you’ve actually not been able to bring them out on the table and get answers. Let me give you a few examples, read the following:

Do I have visitors?

Starting a business or a personal blog online is similar to opening up a shop. Just imagine if a new shop gets no visitors, how would it feel and work for the shop owner in future? Not Good! But the point to note here is that the shop owner will at least know the position of the visitors (not only clients, but others as well), but for an online business or company how would you know that? Google Analytics! It will give you the insight regarding the number of people who visit your website. Not only this; Google Analytics also tells you the location of your visitors.

Visitors Stay Visitors or Not?

Okay, who does not want visitors, but in order for your work to grow, you need more than just visitors. Yes, you got me right, you need customers. However, there is no doubt that customers are initially visitors that look around in the market and then plan to get what they want to. But, how would you get the information as to how many visitors of yours have actually become your customers? Well, you know my answer… Google Analytics! This is true; this tool does give you such deep insights.

Are my marketing strategies working?

Marketing and selling yourself in the market is not an easy job to do. In the field of marketing, you will find yourself always trying to figure out which marketing strategies are helping you achieve your goals and which ones are a big NO-NO. So, as I said earlier, Google Analytics makes your life easier; this is clearly how it does. Google Analytics tells you which of your marketing strategies have worked in your favor.

How can I have one?

It’s not that difficult, just the usual three step process, you do to create an account on Hotmail or Yahoo. You need to make a Google Analytics Account if you do not have a Google Account. But if you already have a Google account and a permanent/ long-term account that’s in use then you just need to set up your account using your Google Account. So all you need to do is to go to Google Analytics and sign in for it.  Further, you will have to complete two steps: 1) choose what you want to track and whether you want a tracking code, 2) fill the details of your website and industry category. Once you do this, you will have to choose where you want your data to be shared.

Helping Yourself with Common Problems

It might be a little tricky or difficult for you to use the Google Analytics initially, merely because it’s NEW for YOU. But, there is no need to worry or ponder over how to get used to it.

Following are some of the answers to the most immediate questions/things that you would be wanting answers/help for.

Where will I find out a detailed summary of my visitor?

The audience reports will give you a detailed summary of who your visitor is, what is the gender of your visitor, where he or she lives and also what their age is. Additionally, it will also tell you what language they speak, what are their interests, how often do they visit your website and through which device.

What is there that brought them to my website? How can I know?

It is most likely that you would want to know why has there been traffic on your website. This is something you can know from acquisition reports that will not only tell you about the channel, but also the medium from where the traffic has been directed.

Hopefully, you will find the basics to Google Analytics easy-to-understand and easy-to-use. Good Luck!

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