2016 Content Marketing Trends You Should Follow

According to Forbes, only 37% of companies found their content marketing strategy effective. They realize that it’s not enough for their brand to post promos or send out a few coupons to keep their audience engaged. It doesn’t take just one tweet to increase your audience. This bad habit of going in blind has cost companies tremendous amount of wasted financial resources. Now that 2016 is...

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7 Bonafied Marketing Tips for a Cracking Christmas

We are this close to celebrating the most wonderful time of the year. Families and friends are gearing towards the shopping mall and making endless lists of gifts and recipes. As for marketers, this is also one of the best seasons to generate year-end sales and welcome the New Year with a bang. There are plenty of Christmas marketing tips around. However, we swear by a handful that has given us...

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7 Useful Marketing Tips to Start 2016 with a Bang

The year is coming to a close. As a marketing executive, you should step back and ask yourself: How did 2015 go? How does 2016 look? Once you start assessing your previous efforts, you must determine which strategies work and which ones didn’t. You should have a better sense of where your business is headed come next year. Multiple researches have shown that just 29% of marketing leaders come...

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8 Social Media Marketing Tips You’re Missing Out On

Over 2.1 billion people are on social media. Many businesses have been harnessing the power of social media for quite some time. However, many more neglect its benefits. One thing businesses must understand is that social media has revolutionized the way we communicate. Let’s face it: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, they aren’t going away anytime soon. In today’s modern world, people connect...

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2015 Search Engine Ranking Factors

Ask SEO experts and they will tell you that SEO is the right blend of knowledge, skill and a hefty amount of guesswork. Sure, search engine optimization has been around for years. However, the formula to always be part of Page One continues to remain one of Google’s best-kept secrets. Every couple of years, digital marketing tycoon, Moz conducts a survey among 150+ seasoned SEO professionals to...

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Social Media and Search Engine Marketing