Why companies should work with influencers

The value of influencers has skyrocketed in the past few years, and that is because the digital age is larger than ever and social media advertising is what helps increase sales. It is about time that companies work with influencers because everything is practically online now, and digital influencers know exactly what they are doing to monetize their presence. Here are some of the reasons why...

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The Real Difference Between Creators and Influencers

Creator, influencer, celebrity: these are just some of the terms being thrown around these days by marketers and consumers alike. We often see these terms in social media since they are used for social media marketing. But if we think about it, do we know the difference? There are numerous ways on how to know if you are an influencer, a creator, or neither. Whether you are on the buying or the...

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5 Trends Shaping Internet Marketing in 2019

The rate internet marketing changes has become so fast that it gets harder to keep up each year for marketers and entrepreneurs alike. Take social media marketing for instance. This type of internet marketing used to be all the rage in the early 2000’s, when Facebook and the other popular social networks were launched. That prompted businesses to establish or grow their online presence by...

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What is an influencer?

Year after year, there has been an increase in the number of articles related to social media marketing and influencer marketing. The growing popularity of this subject has sparked the interest of many people who wants to break it into the industry. But a lot of people are asking, what is an influencer, and what do they do? An influencer is someone who has the power to affect the purchase...

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An Age Old Marketing Strategy That Would Spread Good Cheer This Christmas

Let’s begin this article with a short story that began 4000 years ago. This happened in the cradle of civilization itself, Mesopotamia, specifically in Babylon. A customer named Nanni bought some copper ingots from a merchant called Ea-Nasir. Unfortunately, this shrewd merchant not only sent Nanni sub-standard ingots but also treated Nanni’s servant (who was to fetch the ingots for...

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New Google Chrome Update

Google Chrome has been updating a lot lately and this time. While updates are always necessary (whether for good or bad) their latest update may have generated some kind of heat and a bad kind of heat at that. But before we get to that let’s dive on a few things that deserve a bit of our attention. Google Chrome’s update this month gave it some new features and a new look. In this new...

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