New Google Chrome Update

Google Chrome has been updating a lot lately and this time. While updates are always necessary (whether for good or bad) their latest update may have generated some kind of heat and a bad kind of heat at that. But before we get to that let’s dive on a few things that deserve a bit of our attention. Google Chrome’s update this month gave it some new features and a new look. In this new...

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Spruce Up Your Email Contact List

This news may come a few months late in the world of social media marketing strategies but no doubt the implications on this news looking forward into the years to come is something that’s noteworthy for all think tanks and online marketers out there. This is because, in the first week of March 2018, Facebook made some changes that affected small to medium scale entrepreneurs, especially in...

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Email Marketing for Small Businesses

We are back again with a new article on ways on how to make your social marketing strategies even better. This time, we’ll take a look at a very crucial system which allows you to connect to your potential and even returning customers and that is your company’s e-mail address list. As you may have figured, sending out email campaigns and personalized emails will not only broaden your...

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Facebooks Ads: A Must for Businesses

It’s no secret to anyone that people are spending inordinate amounts of time in social media, particularly on Facebook. So much so that it’s safe to say the Facebook has been top-dog of social media. This is the case for well shy of ten years now and it doesn’t show signs of slowing down. It’s been running the game quite well and this means that marketers and people who...

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What the New GDPR Means To Canadian Companies

Many website-based companies have made lots of changes in terms of how they handle client information recently. You may have noticed that a lot of them have been sending you emails how they updated their privacy policies. The European Union (EU) has updated their General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) policies and even though not all countries belong to the EU, many of them hold data that are...

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When Is The Best Times To Send Emails?

Have you experienced sending emails one day and you see the results very shortly? And then there were times that you send emails and wait for the results and nothing happens even weeks after? It has been said that timing means everything. And that seems to be very true when it comes to sending emails. It goes to say that poor timing almost always never produce good results. If your timing in...

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