You Need A Social Media Audit To Start 2018 Off Right

Are your social media efforts producing the results that you want? You may be utilizing your social media network for a certain purpose such as selling an idea or a product. But are you sure that the efforts that you spent this year were effective in achieving your desired results? If you’re not sure, you might not have undertaken a social media audit before the start of 2017.  We are now at...

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Should You Blog?

Yes, you should blog, especially if you own a business. Today, it is an established fact that business blogging is a good marketing strategy that can put a business right in front of the minds of its target customers. A recent study revealed that 57 percent of companies which regularly put out blogs reported that they got the interest of their customers through their blogs. We are now in a world...

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When Is The Best Day And Time To Post On Social Media?

Is your social media account drying up? Are there not too many people following your posts? You want to increase your followers on social media right? Whether it’s just for popularity or for the success of your business, you need to have more people follow you on whatever social media account that you are using. The more the merrier says the old proverb. And we might add – the more...

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Email Marketing – How Can I Ensure Its Success?

Everybody is using email marketing but not everyone is succeeding. They joined the bandwagon because it is a low-cost and high impact method of getting your message across a broad range of customers around the world. But that is only true if you are using the right concepts and techniques. Since almost everybody is using it, you need to distinguish yourself from the rest or you will be lost in...

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What To Do With Negative Online Reviews

If you are a business owner, you will eventually realize that there are different kinds of customers. Some are easy to please while some needs to be pampered a lot to be satisfied. But the situation nowadays becomes more challenging to business owners because of the emergence of online review sites where customers can post negative online reviews of businesses that they feel are not at par with...

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Take Advantage Of These 6 Top Benefits Of Email Marketing

Email marketing is still alive and kicking. If you ever think that it has already faded in the shadows because of social media, you are mistaken. Yes, social media marketing has been growing by leaps and bounds. But the online version of the traditional letter is still helping online and traditional businesses increase their revenues. Why is this so? Email marketing can give your business a...

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