Growing Your Email Option List

Small business advertising is one of those skills that are easy to learn but difficult to master. Market trends shift at neck-breaking speeds and people hop from one fad to the next. While this may be overwhelming, staying true to the business core is always the key. Making most, if not all, of your customers satisfied, will always trump over any other gimmick you may want to pull up from your...

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What the New GDPR Means To Canadian Companies

Many website-based companies have made lots of changes in terms of how they handle client information recently. You may have noticed that a lot of them have been sending you emails how they updated their privacy policies. The European Union (EU) has updated their General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) policies and even though not all countries belong to the EU, many of them hold data that are...

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When Is The Best Times To Send Emails?

Have you experienced sending emails one day and you see the results very shortly? And then there were times that you send emails and wait for the results and nothing happens even weeks after? It has been said that timing means everything. And that seems to be very true when it comes to sending emails. It goes to say that poor timing almost always never produce good results. If your timing in...

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Additional Tips On Boosting The Results Of Your Email Marketing

Email marketing has been touted as the main driver of acquiring new customers. If you want a higher ROI yield of the entire marketing channels that you are currently using, you should be aware of the marketing concepts that you can take advantage of. You should utilize the best practices in email marketing if you want to ensure a good return on your investment. Here are some additional tips that...

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Email Marketing – How Can I Ensure Its Success?

Everybody is using email marketing but not everyone is succeeding. They joined the bandwagon because it is a low-cost and high impact method of getting your message across a broad range of customers around the world. But that is only true if you are using the right concepts and techniques. Since almost everybody is using it, you need to distinguish yourself from the rest or you will be lost in...

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