7 SEO Myths You Must Leave Behind

2016 saw numerous optimization changes. That’s why there’s no denying that Google can end up making more updates this year. SEO is undoubtedly the backbone of internet marketing. Without it, quality content won’t exist and businesses will not flourish online. That being said, many continue to believe various SEO myths that affect the way they do their business online. This is why they...

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Tips to Boost Your SEO in 2017

Search engine optimization is just as important as it was last year, if not more. That’s why companies who rely on the power of the Internet to boost their numbers must practice certain SEO measures this year to ensure their relevance, profit and continuity. If your website and online reach didn’t gain significant growth last year, then don’t fret. Let 2017 be another year to improve your...

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2015 Search Engine Ranking Factors

Ask SEO experts and they will tell you that SEO is the right blend of knowledge, skill and a hefty amount of guesswork. Sure, search engine optimization has been around for years. However, the formula to always be part of Page One continues to remain one of Google’s best-kept secrets. Every couple of years, digital marketing tycoon, Moz conducts a survey among 150+ seasoned SEO professionals to...

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The Importance of Mobile-Friendly Google Searches

Google has preemptively announced developments in their principal service. The aforementioned “mobile-friendly algorithm” was scheduled to go full swing in April 21, 2015. This development was widely anticipated by many tech savvies, particularly those who has invested a lot in search engine marketing. Ironically, the scheduled break through did not went as explosive as others might have...

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What are some of the Top SEO Myths of 2014?

seo myths

There are different myths that we encounter via the internet that we believed to be true. These myths spread like wildfire among online entrepreneurs, website owners, or web masters especially if it comes from those who committed a mistake or mistakes with one or more of the online strategies that help in ranking a website to the top of the search engines. Below are some of the myths and the...

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Understanding SEO With The Easiest SEO Techniques


Understanding SEO requires understanding the techniques involved. This requires prior knowledge of how Search Engine Optimization works, planning, and strategizing. Aside from researching the right keywords, building reputation and content of great quality which requires a lot of effort, there are other methods that one can use in getting that boost. Some would probably get the help of SEO...

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