2016 Content Marketing Trends You Should Follow

According to Forbes, only 37% of companies found their content marketing strategy effective. They realize that it’s not enough for their brand to post promos or send out a few coupons to keep their audience engaged. It doesn’t take just one tweet to increase your audience. This bad habit of going in blind has cost companies tremendous amount of wasted financial resources. Now that 2016 is...

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8 Social Media Marketing Tips You’re Missing Out On

Over 2.1 billion people are on social media. Many businesses have been harnessing the power of social media for quite some time. However, many more neglect its benefits. One thing businesses must understand is that social media has revolutionized the way we communicate. Let’s face it: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, they aren’t going away anytime soon. In today’s modern world, people connect...

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A Simple Guide on Unlocking Twitter’s Analytics Features

For many businesses, Twitter isn’t exactly the top marketing platform that comes to mind. However, the nine-year old social networking site is a very effective tool to grow an enterprise — only for those who know how to use it. Twitter caused quite the stir when they officially launched their analytics dashboard a few months back. For many hardcore business tweeters, this is a dream come...

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How Periscope TV Improves Your Marketing Strategy

Periscope is a new platform for social media where live streaming is involved. The platform was acquired by Twitter even before it was released to the public. Basically, what happens is that anybody who has Periscope installed on their iPhones will be able to broadcast what they are seeing on their cameras in real time, sharing the experience with the world. This makes Periscope a perfect...

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Social Media Marketing and Its Considerations

Finding out where to focus all of your marketing efforts when using social media can be difficult especially with the constant changes. However, whatever the changes that came, whether it’s minor or major, one thing remained the same; social media marketing is improving. For those who are beginners in this field, it is understandable why they have doubts whether marketing through social media...

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Quantitative SEO Jobs:

Despite how far technology has progressed in contemporary age, the idea of online businesses has yet to become a widely known idea in the mainstream world. People with limited understanding of the mechanics of web-based entrepreneurship remain skeptical with the principles of SEO services. Ironically, search engine optimization remains to be the standard practice of making online entrepreneurship...

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Social Media and Search Engine Marketing