By using a combination of cutting edge tools, we’ve made the process of analyzing your website stats comparable to reading an email from your cousin in Vancouver. In layman terms, website analytics are simply the reports and statistics which pertain to the overall performance and reach of your website.  You can track the number of visitors, which pages they viewed and how much time they spent on each particular page – for starters.

Google Analytics is the industry standard for website tracking, and while most “consulting” companies will set everything up and toss you a report at the end of each month, very rarely do they give business owners a chance to understand what it all means to their bottom line.

This is where we do things differently:

  • We pull your Google Analytics, social media and everything else into a single, personalized dashboard that is unique to your business.  Everything is web based and updated weekly – meaning you have access when you need it, rather than when we give it to you.
  • Our clients receive monthly reporting with a DETAILED overview on how your website, organic and paid campaigns are doing for the month, areas that need improvement and of course, where you are winning.  If you have a question after reviewing a report, we’ll answer it right then and there.
  • Understanding your reports creates validation – which in turn shows where your money is being spent on the front end.  We like to call this the accountability part of our program.
  • We will get you comfortable with terms like “page views” and bounce rate” so you can easily interpret the plethora of statistical charts, graphs and data made available to you.

Winning in the analytics game is like having a really good accountant – you always know where your money is going and where it would be best spent.  Contact us before this week is over, and we’ll guarantee by Monday you’ll be seeing things a little more clearer.

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