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Your Website is the Front Door to Your Business and Brand

Half a second! That’s the average time it takes your potential customers to decide whether or not they are willing to invest more time on your website. In today’s fast paced competitive landscape, a poorly optimized website is a liability that businesses simply cannot afford. Inview will utilize our hard working Web Design and SEO experts to develop an online presence that will deliver results. From conceptualizing unique designs, restructuring your layouts, maximizing your speeds and building lead generation features, InView will transform your website into the powerful marketing tool it was always meant to be. Make an impression that lasts with InView Website Design.

Full Service WordPress Web Design & Development

Website Design

Immersive and unique graphic components give your site life, with eye-popping elements that appeal to visitors. By working closely with you, InView’s experienced design team aims to capture your visions, align with your brand’s guidelines and core values, and create a website that reflects your business and your message.

SEO Strategy for Vaughan Website Design

Advanced Tracking & Analytics

To market your website effectively, It’s essential to understand the traffic coming in and out of your website. We provide you with the right tools and a comprehensive report to track where your visitors come from and analyze data to discover a strategy integrated with your marketing efforts.

Responsive & Clean Coding

A mobile-friendly website is critical in a digital world filled with mobile dependents. Search engines value responsive websites that can deliver strong UX to a variety of customers; therefore, the responsiveness of your website is an essential element that works hand-in-hand with your SEO strategy to deliver exceptional results.

Hosting & Security

We value you and your customers' security when it comes to your hosting. At InView, we keep your website protected, safe and secure from the unexpected. In addition, at InView, we give you peace of mind by providing you with premium hosting that includes privacy protection and an SSL certificate.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Lack of Expertise: While many businesses look for cost-effective experts to get the job done right, SEO is a complex marketing tool requiring years of comprehensive expertise. After all, you’re hiring someone to do SEO for you because you’re a business owner who needs to allocate their time to their business. At InView, with over a decade of SEO knowledge and expertise, we’re here to provide you with an outside perspective to validate your current SEO service to ensure your strategy meets your ROIs.

Website Support

We don’t just build websites where we hand you the keys and leave you to handle the rest. Instead, our clients can count on us to innovate repeatedly while getting available customer support whenever you have a problem that needs to be fixed. We do answer the phone for that rare personal support when needed. Ask us about our monthly maintenance programs.

“There are three responses to a piece of design - yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for”

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Anyone can build a website; InView builds a visual marketing system.

When we develop your e-commerce website, we anticipate all your needs. At InView, we understand that not all e-commerce websites are created equally, and there are no one-size-fits-all solutions either. Nevertheless, it’s time to remove the guesswork of growing your online business. So whether you’re selling a luxury sports car or garden tools, our powerhouse of industry experts specializes in crafting high-quality e-commerce websites tailored to your brand’s unique requirements by creating an immersive shopping experience for your prospects and customers.

With an arsenal of robust SEO strategies, and our ability to use the latest coding techniques to create integrated, intuitive website designs, we can help you meet your sales goals. In addition, our end-to-end services allow your website to scale and outperform the competition

Shopify Services

Thousands of businesses love Shopify because of its robust capabilities that help e-commerce businesses grow. At InView, our Shopify development services offer an innovative online store with thousands of built-in features to give your customers an immersive online experience, similar to shopping in a physical store. A Shopify E-Commerce store provides ease and usability with minimal technical know-how. From configuring your store and managing it to drive sales. Our Shopify solutions ensure dynamic, excellent user experiences, seamless storefronts, and amplified performance. Plus we offer advanced Shopify SEO services as well.

Woo Commerce Website Services

Woo Commerce is an open-source plug-in that allows users to build their e-commerce website from scratch and acquire various functionalities to their online storefront. More than one million e-commerce sites are taking advantage of Woo Commerce.

At InView, we provide Woo Commerce solutions that help you build your website from scratch, and we also perform customization solutions. With over a decade of e-commerce development and marketing experience, we have the capabilities to not only get your WooCommerce problems fixed but optimize your Woo Commerce to turn your online store into the preferred shopping destination.

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