Email Marketing

When people hear the term “email marketing” they immediately associate it with spamming a list of unwilling recipients; we prefer to associate it with more sales.

A single email marketing campaign can add to your sales or to your online relationships regardless of how large or small your email list may be.  There are many factors that determine how well your email will “stick” – and just as many opinions on what makes a great email, well, great.

We do all sorts of cool things with email, such as:

  • Full Service Email Marketing – As the name implies, we will run the entire show for you.  From set up to design and delivery.  Our tracklist is growing and our list building strategies are polished.
  • Content Development – We’ve got some great writers with experience across multiple markets.  They will help you develop a content plan and mailing schedule to ensure maximum reach.
  • HTML Template Design – The design of your email should be a top priority.  Whether you have a list already, or you’re starting from scratch, we’ll craft a template that is flexible and represents your brand with integrity and style.
  • Reporting and List Cleanup – You may have an existing list that needs a good purge to increase user activity.  We’ll take a look at your previous reports and give you an action plan to whip it back into shape.  If your solution is to switch providers, we’ll point you in the right direction.

What Are Good Email Subject Lines? – if you are ever tasked with trying to come up with the best subject lines for your email then do what we do. Check out Best Subject Lines for Email by Wired Messenger.

secure Email Marketing Toronto, ONSafe. Secure.

Privacy is a big issue when it comes to marketing and promotions via email.  At In View Marketing, we believe in an individual having the choice of what products are marketed to them – this is why all of our email campaigns practice the double opt-in technique, which is enforced by all major league email marketing companies.

grow email marketing campaigns VaughanReach. Grow.

How hard is it to integrate social media elements such as Facebook and Twitter into my email campaign?  We get this question a lot and the answer is always the same – piece of cake!  We can expand your broadcast, automate the delivery and grow your list to be as big as you want.

You call the shots – we make it happen.  Leave us a message or fill out the contact form so we can give you a buzz.  Talking about email marketing doesn’t have to be boring, so let’s have some fun!

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