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Pay Per Click

PPC or pay-per-click advertising all boils down to one word and its relevance. PPC is one of the powerful and efficient ways to target your most qualified audience by allowing you to reach your audience where they are already looking. With a professional strategy in place, PPC can be the powerful tool that helps you put your best foot forward to stand out in a competitive landscape.

Launch supercharged campaigns and drive revenue faster by partnering up with skilled PPC professionals at InView to amp your brand presence and drive revenue where it matters the most with our pay-per-click solutions.

What is PPC? (Pay-per-click)

Pay-per-click is precisely what it says, with a few complex layers our professionals are well-versed in. PPC is an online advertising tool that can drive website traffic and customers to your website. At InView, our ads are crafted with intent using our expertise, analytics, and result-driven approach to choose targeted keywords to leverage customer pain points. 

Our pay-per-click services are a cost-effective solution completely tailored to your budget. Based on your budget, your business pays for each click. PPC saves you time from attempting to reach a broad audience organically. Instead, its capability leads internet users to your website, giving you complete control of who you want to reach at the right time. In addition, InView’s PPC solutions allow for a fully customizable budget and strategy if you’re looking to target local or global audiences.

PPC Benefits

Connect With Customers with PPC Advertising

Connect with the right customers

Pay-per-click puts the spotlight on your business's unique selling proposition and expertise. PPC allows for granular targeting by delivering intentional messaging based on search behavior, online activities, and preferred platforms. At InView, our PPC strategy prioritizes relevant audiences when they are most likely to decide on a purchase. Additionally, PPC allows you to connect with specific consumer segments based on location, age, gender, and other demographic attributes.

Instant and consistent traffic

PPC works hand-in-hand with SEO strategies to enhance brand visibility by driving targeted traffic to your website. Suppose you’re looking for instant traffic streams to your website. In that case, PPC is the quickest marketing method to run paid search campaigns, jump-start making efforts, helping you gain immediate traffic from interested prospects.

Google Maps Optimization and Local SEO

Cost-Effective Campaign Promotions

If you’re looking to test a new product or determine if PPC is a profitable choice for your brand, PPC gives you the freedom to launch one-time promotions and run short sale cycles to fit your budget. Pay-per-click marketing strategies are the cost-effective solution to help assist in new product/service launches and allow you to segment PPC campaigns by priority.

Fast Results from Google Adwords

Fast Results

The most significant advantage to pay-per-click advertising is achieving immediate results upon campaign launch. Once our PPC experts at InView set up your campaign, you’ll be able to view results overnight. However, it’s crucial to extend your campaign efforts to accomplish more favorable results. The standard PPC period is three months to acquire valuable data and continuously improve your campaign's overall performance.

Customization Capabilities

Unsent briefs and Content Errors: A considerable chunk of SEO relies on quality content. A big red flag is when an SEO provider leaves you to do the work when you’ve paid for the service. Do you find yourself proofreading and revising SEO content on your own that doesn’t align with your brand’s messaging post communication? At InView, we help you unmask solutions to challenges you may face.

Easy-To-Track Data

Pay-Per-Click campaigns provide businesses with access to measurable and trackable; this eliminates the effort of tracking and reporting to give you a clear picture of your campaign performance.

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