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SEO Second Opinion

Unbiased professional opinions meet complete transparency.
Put uncertainty behind you with InView’s SEO Second Opinion.

Do you fall under these categories?

You may need an outside professional SEO to help you pinpoint the underlying problems you’re facing with your current SEO provider. At InView, we like to call ourselves the SEO detectives. With 15 years of helping our clients succeed and navigate the highly competitive landscape of SEO, our experts have the capabilities to uncover failed strategies, missing gaps, and over promises not equating to real value.

Throughout the years at InView, we’ve had the opportunity to help our clients succeed in being their first SEO servicing company. However, we’ve also experienced being a client’s third, even fourth vendor after having woeful experiences with their previous SEO providers. As business owners ourselves, we understand that your time and investments are valuable; and that’s why we’re here to mitigate uncertainty and the heavy lifting for you to move forward with your business with confidence and peace of mind.

Why should you opt for a second opinion?

If you’re buying a new home, it’s essential to hire a home inspector to ensure you’re getting the most for your investment, similar to search engine optimization. SEO is a valuable service that doesn’t solely rely on one tactic but a combination of efforts that work in tandem to help search engines find your business, identify it as trustworthy and present it to users searching for it.

Real SEO work is not a one-time process, and there isn’t a standard best practice to help you deliver results. While many SEO providers promise #1 rankings and credentials (or lack of), many businesses struggle with past SEO services that are temporarily ineffective, completely ineffective, or even hurt their website traffic. We’re here to help you reduce future risks so that you can protect your hard-earned investments.

A few Common SEO problems that require an outside perspective

Our Forensic SEO Services

We pull out the magnifying glass & confirm your SEO for you.

At InView, our forensic SEO services provide you with a no-commitment service that offers complete transparency and constructive guidance to help you put a magnifying glass on red flags and mitigate any doubts with your current SEO provider. In addition, we also provide second opinions before you invest marketing dollars with an SEO service with a deep proposal review. We’ve uncovered tracks that previous SEO vendors have left thinking “they won’t know”. With the proper guidance, we’ve successfully helped businesses save thousands of dollars on SEO providers who weren’t “providing”.

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SEO Credential Check

Expertise, credentials, case studies, and previous client testimonials are crucial factors that may affect the value of the service you’re paying for. The competitive landscape is vast, and many “SEO experts” promise results for fast cash. At InView, our team can offer a comprehensive background check on your current SEO provider to validate your current SEO contract and who's working for you.

Email Template Design

SEO Contract Evaluation

At InView, our SEO specialists want to ensure you're getting the most out of your investment. We'll remove the legwork of reading between the lines and fine print to ensure you're getting exactly what you're paying for and if any clauses have been overlooked on your end. Let's be sure your reporting matches up with your original proposal.

Forensic SEO Scan

If you’re currently locked in with an SEO provider, you may feel like it’s a dead-end. Our SEO investigators at InView have the capabilities to pinpoint missing gaps in your current SEO strategy and website errors that may be damaging your current SEO standing. We do a comprehensive SEO scan, where we’ll report all the assets that need a do-over or improvements. This can be used for accountability with your current provider.

Transparent SEO Services and Reporting

Designated SEO Detective

Complete transparency in communication is rooted in InView’s DNA. Our SEO detectives have seen 15 years of the good, the bad, and the ugly in SEO strategies. With an SEO detectives’ second opinion, you’ll better understand SEO best practices and possible red flags to fix or avoid. You will have access to a designated SEO detective to answer any questions or concerns anytime as you deal with your current SEO provider.

Email Audit

SEO Transparency Reports

Our personalized discovery sessions allow us to understand the objectives behind your business and your concerns. Our job is to provide you with our expertise and SEO best practices to help you understand why you're not standing out from your competitors. With a detailed SEO audit and contract review, we will provide a handcrafted SEO checklist that will guide you confidently in meetings with your current SEO strategy & service provider.

Don’t waste any more time with doubts and visible red flags.

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