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Jeff Schnurr of inView Marketing

About Jeff

“Stop selling. Start helping.”― Zig Ziglar.
“Stop selling. Start helping.”― Zig Ziglar.

Jeff Schnurr helps brands and businesses globally exceed their ROIs through an innovative but integrated marketing strategy that increases revenue, drives brand awareness, and solidifies customer relationships across various outlets. Before he embarked on his journey in digital marketing, Jeff’s experience was rooted in 15 years of sales across various industries in both B2C and B2B. With Jeff’s sales expertise, relentless idea generation and 16 years of SEO wins, each client receives a unique playbook setting them up for success.  

Jeff’s expertise includes:

Toronto Home Theater Mobile Website
The Name “In View”

Jeff’s passions extend beyond the realm of online marketing to encompass the world of music. With a love for the acoustics and a deep appreciation for the meaning behind lyrics, he knew that he had to find a way to meld both domains. Jeff’s favourite artists, a Canadian band called The Tragically Hip, had a lead single playing on the airwaves at the time called “In View”. Thinking about it, he realized that that was the basis of what he did for his clients in marketing – get them In View. And hence the name “InView Marketing” was fashioned.

Random Facts About Jeff 
  • Born in the same town as Bobby Orr
  • Married with a son, daughter & dog named Kingston
  • Prefers Audiobooks & has listened to over 250+
  • Activities – The Gym, Golf & being out on a Boat.
  • Met Gary Vaynerchuk in downtown Toronto
  • Country Artists, The Good Brothers, are 2nd cousins
  • Been to over 500 Concerts since age 13
  • Seen The Tragically Hip Live 93 Times / 1991-2016
Jeff Schnurr & Gary Vaynerchuk in Toronto
Helping Out

These are some of the charities we have supported in the past and are on our radar for 2023. The Downie & Wenjack Fund, Sunnybrook Foundation Safe Drinking Water Foundation,  and Musicounts. If you find your way here and represent one of these charities or are aware of an event we should know about, please get in touch with us.

Jeff Schnurr & Gary Vaynerchuk in Toronto