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Facebook Changes: What It Means for Facebook Advertisements

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A company’s website interface is important since it is the area online where a user communicates with that page’s program. So if your website’s interface is more user friendly, the more will it be visited and used.

In the case of Facebook, we all know and for most of us who use it are quite aware that a lot of changes in Facebook’s interface has been made. To date, Facebook has had at least 12 Profile and interface changes. These changes are mostly made to optimize user’s interface usage.

So how does Facebook’s new interface affect Facebook Ads?

According to Facebook for Businesses’ product update news, the new Facebook interface “does not affect how you buy and optimize ads”

However, in our opinion, the new and cleaner profile design invites users to view profiles and newsfeeds more often. And this means that more and more and more people will be using Facebook. In effect, more page views mean more advertisement exposure. And that is what this profile change means for advertisers.

To look back, the year 2007 was when the company decided to open an option where businesses were allowed to promote themselves and let customers interact and view their profiles. Later on, this idea developed into a whole new department and sector in Facebook and that is ‘Facebook for Business’. With this platform and format, a more formalized way of advertising using social media has been born.

The beauty of using Facebook for business is that Facebook is equipped to let you target the audiences that you would like to be introduced to. An algorithm and program is made by Facebook. This program and algorithm base your product exposure on a user’s background, work, likes, dislikes, profile age and a few more factors. As a marketer, this would be less grueling work for you and your team. Given the fact that most of internet marketing work is tasking.

And with social media getting stronger by the day, advertisement using Facebook is still one of the best options that you can lean on to. It is easy, worry free and hassle free.

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