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How to Make a Landing Page that Generates Sales

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If you are still new to the webpage optimization arena, you might be confused on what a landing page is. Landing pages are not exactly your actual websites but they are the pages where consumers are brought to when they click on one of your sponsored or optimized links.

Because this page is what your consumers immediately see after clicking an advertisement on another page, it will be necessary that you convey your intention and catch their attention instantly or they will close the page and proceed to another ad.

Successful landing pages can account for a huge chunk in the increase of sales once you optimize your webpage or you pay for your ad to be displayed in other major sites. The main secret here is to improve the web design and the content of your landing page.

  • Be Direct. The one main reason why the person clicked your link is because they were attracted by the ad that you have placed on other webpages. If the ad says customers would get discounts on prices or you will go on-sale, immediately showcase that in your landing page. Do not write lengthy articles because the attention span of your average customer is very short. They will just scan around the page quickly to search for a quick explanation of the ad. For them to be able to see clearly, use bolded and clear fonts.
  • Show your Logo on Top of the Page. When customers click on an ad, your landing page would usually pop out in a new screen. So that the consumers would not think that your page is just spamming their search, you need to indicate your logo so that they will know exactly which business they are dealing with. The logo must be visible enough to be identified. This is also a good branding strategy so that they will remember your name in the future.
  • Show Links in a Contrasting Color. The landing page is an internet marketing tool that will call your customers to action. These are the pages that will begin the sale of your products. If the ad says they will be getting a discount or a free coupon for a limited amount of time, you should be able to show the link to these special discounts in your page. The link should be of a different color and it will be better if it is placed against a contrasting background that separates this section from the rest of the landing page.

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