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pinterestWhat is Pinterest?

For those people who are not aware of what Pinterest is, it is a website that acts as an online or virtual pinboard. Even if the site is still for invitation only, it has already attracted a lot of attention from the online crown because of its interface.

How To Join Pinterest?

You will only be able to join Pinterest if you will receive an email invitation from a friend who is already a member of the site.

Visions and Features of Pinterest

  • Although their vision is more likely similar to other social media sites like Facebook where they wish to congregate people through the things that they mutually find interesting, Pinterest gives out a different vibe through their theme-based collections of images and its pinboard style interface.
  • Pinterest also has a special ‘Pin It’ button where members can click from different websites to populate their theme boards.
  • Media items can also be uploaded by users from the hard drive of the computer and shall be called ‘pins’.
  • Pinterest also features a follow activity option where a user can check the pin boards of other users and follow their activities. Users can easily trail their most favorite projects, designs, recipes and more.

Pinterest for iPhone

An application is also available for iPhone users to download via the app store.

Because a lot of Pinterest users have expressed that the site has been a source of inspiration for creativity,  Mashable and CNN iReport have launched a new project where Pinterest users can realistically bring to life their most favorite ‘pins’ and projects.

  • All the users need to do is ‘pin’ their favorite projects of whatever genre. It could be a recipe, an origami piece, an architectural project, a clothing design or a favorite web design.
  • After pinning the project, follow the procedures of the task and recreate it in real life.
  • It is important to take photos along the process.
  • Upload all of the pictures that you took together with the original ‘pin’ to iReport and follow the instructions.
  • Twitter users can simply submit their projects through tweeting the link of the ‘pins’ and putting the hashtag #pinstoprojects.

February 17 will be the last day of entry submission.

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