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Website Tips: How to Come Up With Fresh Content

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Writer’s block plagues just about every content writer. It strikes anytime and can be a major hindrance no matter how experienced or skilled you are.

Whether you’re maintaining a cooking website, a travel blog or an online marketing platform, content continues to be king. That’s why it’s critical to know how to come up with fresh content everytime. This keeps your readers on their feet and far from straying away from your website. Plus, it adds up to your SEO credibility. The more (and better) content you have, the higher likelihood your site staying on top.

Again, it’s easier said than done. Thankfully, we’ve done the dirty work and gathered the best tips in the land. Here are web content tips to constantly wow your market.

Check out your blog comments

A great source of content ideas is your comment section. Check your blog and what people are saying in your posts. There could be important points there that need to be addressed or expounded.

Take notes on all the kinds of problems, compliments and complaints you encounter in that section. This is definitely a powerful way of getting the pulse of your audience and making you a relevant part of the industry.

Make use of holidays

Holidays are goldmine for fantastic content that boosts click through rates. For one, BuzzFeed has mastered the art of holiday writing, including articles on “what your favorite holiday cocktail says about you” or “gift ideas for your best pal on Christmas”. Topics like these are perfect for various seasons. Naturally, people are more receptive to it, which requires no effort at all.

Labor Day and Thanksgiving are coming up. Perhaps you may want to consider brainstorming for topics as early as now.

Cook up a survey

They say that your market is the most important component of your business. Without them, there is no product or service to sell. Without them, there is no room for improvement. Without them, there is no growth in all manners.

This is why surveys remain an important factor in coming up fresh content in your site. Hearing out your audience gives them the impressions that you do care about what they have to say. Furthermore, it shows them that you are particular in improving your business for them. So go ahead and cook up a short yet sweet survey your readers will be engaged with. Throw in a little incentive to those who will answer while you’re at it.

Keep up with the trends

The Internet is an extremely rich source of information. With all these data comes trends that shape up what people care about now and what they are talking about. When you’re running out of content ideas, the key is turn to the Internet for newfound inspiration and information.

Apps like Feedly are powerful news aggregators that are rich with topics to write about. No matter what your industry is, you can easily filter what you can write about in the future. Apps like Pocket even allows you store articles for later and offline reading. Now, you will never run of out of the hottest trends to write about.

FAQ’s are always a good idea

As a business that operates online, it’s important that your market has easy access to everything there is to know about your brand. You want to make it a breeze for them to find what they are looking for because during these times, it’s more likely that they will turn to your website rather than pick up the phone and dial your number.

Frequently Asked Questions are always a good idea. So gather all the common questions that you think your readers will ask every now and then. Give them short yet comprehensive answers and make sure they find what they are searching for right away. An idea is to check out your social media engagement and see what your audience is talking about with regard to your brand. See if there are any issues you can address to them.

Lay yourself bare

Personal stories never fail to inspire businesses and customers. There’s something about sharing success and failure stories that make it a more personal experience with your market. That’s why laying yourself bare and sharing a few stories about your road to victory always works.

You’ll never know, you could be turning someone’s life around thanks to your story. Allowing yourself this little window of vulnerability makes you more relatable to your market, which is an important component of connecting with them in another level.

Go for evergreen content

When all else fails, universal topics such as “Top 10’s” or “How To’s” are always great content ideas. They remain important no matter the time and context. Just remember to do enough research to back up your writing. There’s nothing like reading a well-written article that’s worth posting and sharing.

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