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When Is The Best Times To Send Emails?

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Have you experienced sending emails one day and you see the results very shortly? And then there were times that you send emails and wait for the results and nothing happens even weeks after? It has been said that timing means everything. And that seems to be very true when it comes to sending emails. It goes to say that poor timing almost always never produce good results. If your timing in sending your emails is right, it may mean closing a good deal. But if the timing is wrong it may mean your email will go to oblivion. Therefore, knowing when to send your emails is truly important.

What Do Statistics Show?

A study was recently conducted which might show the best time you can send your emails. You may want to consider these findings because they indicate the day of the week and even the actual time that is the most opportune moment to send your emails. The stats compiled more than 20 million emails that were sent in a period that spanned more than 10 months. They showed when most recipients opened their digital mail boxes during their normal business week.

The Best Day And Time To Send Emails

The stats show that most people opened their emails on a Tuesday. Therefore, the second day of the week seemed to be the best day you need to send your emails. The stats also showed that the recipients opened their online mail boxes at around 11:00 a.m. In other words, before 11 o’clock in the morning is the best time you can send your emails. At least, if you are aware of the day and time, your batting average of having your recipients respond to your emails is higher.

Here Are Some More Tips

The above is the general overview of the best time of sending emails. If you know these facts, you are already way ahead of your competitors. But there are still a few more tips that we want to share with you. These tips are more directional than specific. But it will help your efforts of discovering the tricks on increasing the responses of customers to your emails. Here are some tips for your consideration.

  1. Study the trends

If you want to ascertain the best time to send your emails, you need to study your trends and the trends of others as well. Look at the results that you get each time you send your emails at a certain day and time. This may be a very difficult task but if you can get the trend that produces the most results, it will be worth the time that you spend. Here’s a tip: according to the data across many industries, it seems to show that it is early in the week that the open rates are higher. In some industries, Monday morning is the best time. This makes sense because it is the start of the week and most customers would want to see what’s in store for them for the rest of the week. This concept also ties in with the previous stats that we mentioned.

  1. Consider the attitude of your target market

Different types of market react differently towards the same thing. In other words, if you are targeting a certain market niche, you can’t use the techniques you used, even if it’s successful, to another kind of market. Therefore, focus on your audience. Try to establish their routines. If you know when they usually open their emails, you will know the best time to send yours.

  1. Think about the best time for your campaign

The timing of your email with respect to your campaign is also very important. If you know that your target audience looks at their emails every day, you can determine the best timing to send them yours. You will get more responses to your email if your audience knows that your message is well-timed and according to their situations.

4. Test your schedule

Now that you have acquired all the things that you need and your email is already crafted and organized, you need to test it first before sending the bulk of it. Choose a small portion of your test customers and if the results are what you want, then proceed with the rest. However, if the results are wanting, try modifying your schedule, or even the tack of the email message that you are sending.

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