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Why Write Unusual Content

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Most clerical tasks requires following standard protocols and exact measures. Majority of the tasks offered by SEO services observe this element of formality and precision to be able to systematically increase the visibility of the client page. The rule of thumb often goes well with precision and the ability to comply with a rigid proven-effective format.

Whether one develops a software or domain or does accounting tasks for PPC campaigns, you can never go wrong with bringing the best to the client by being “clinical”. However, this proves to be the complete opposite when it comes to advertising the client’s product via content writing. In contrast, many of the internet marketing tasks require creativity and initiative. This is the reason why unusual or unconventional contents work a lot better:

People: are tired of boring information

Some small companies that require outsourced SEO assignments are those that directly deal with potential customers. Thus, the exchange of information is rather direct and somewhat “personalized”. If a content writer is going to introduce a clinical and robotic character in one’s literature, it opens the door to several key violations of effective advertising.

  • You’re not connecting with your audience
  • You’re not genuine, and therefore insincere
  • You’re not drawing the interest of your customers

People: like to be amazed and inspired

There is a reason why websites like Huffington Post have managed to stay incredibly popular since the last decade or so. Until now, they keep posting amazing blogs. It is a lot easier for them since they are advertising their own news and information products, so they can compete with any domain with similar diverse eclectic selection of articles. It is a lot challenging for companies with specific (and oftentimes non-empirical) products and services. But if one can keep posting some inspiring subjects to keep avid readers visiting, it’s all the better for the client company.

People: like to be amused and tickled

There are two things the general netizen audiences look for in web contents: something really cool and something really funny. Although content writers ought to observe technicalities like keywords and word count, they have the liberty to go beyond the restraints to keep the clients pleased. And nothing can please the client company by having his site visited by entertained readers who keep coming for the latest edition of a hilarious and witty content.

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