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2016 Content Marketing Trends You Should Follow

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According to Forbes, only 37% of companies found their content marketing strategy effective. They realize that it’s not enough for their brand to post promos or send out a few coupons to keep their audience engaged. It doesn’t take just one tweet to increase your audience.

This bad habit of going in blind has cost companies tremendous amount of wasted financial resources. Now that 2016 is here, it’s only right to beef up your content strategy.

Don’t get left behind. Here are the content marketing trends of 2016 you should be following.

Continue original, high-quality content

It’s 2016 and still businesses are using keyword stuffing and excessive back linking. With Google raising the bar even higher on site reviews and algorithm updates, it’s only a matter of time before these websites get caught.

Be on the good, profitable side by continuously producing high quality content. Continue to generate SEO-driven content that engages your audience and rubs the right way. Sure there are shortcuts that can cut corners for you but that’s just the wrong direction to take. Original, valuable content takes time but it pays off big time.

Watch out for ad blockers

If you thought ad blockers couldn’t be more hardcore, expect them to become even more relentless in scouting for content. Companies won’t have a choice but to generate quality content that earns itself a place in front of readers, an area that’s not bought in the forms of native ads or sponsored content.

So again, focus on creating the best possible quality of content you can.

Beyond hiring writers

A team of content development doesn’t just consist of effective writers. No matter how magnificent your content is if you don’t know how to manage it, all efforts will just go down the drain.

Go beyond hiring writers. Get a team of content strategists, social media managers, editors and distribution specialists on board. This team will drive your content towards the right platforms, be found by the right people and bring your brand to another level.

Keep in mind that your team should meet at least once a week. Everyone must constantly be updated and in line with the business goals.

Customized content software

Sure, standard WordPress is great and all but if you want to up your content game this year, look into developing content software made just for your company. Apart from letting you create fantastic content, the software must also allow its users to manage all pieces in one place, connect with the content team remotely and readily edit and distribute content right away.

It’s all a matter of finding the right software partner for your business. Drupal, Joomla and WordPress are well known for having custom content features. However, these are off-the-shelf tools. You can also try other tools like CK Editor, Atilus and iCo.

Mobile becomes first

Just a few years ago, web developers and companies didn’t pay any attention to mobile users. They were focused on generating content and creating websites that are adapted on personal computers. However, the tables have turned and the tide has shifted towards mobile users.

More and more people are using their phones to browse, make reservations, check social media, message their peers, respond to emails and the like. So it’s only right for content marketers to bank on this trend. Make your content readable and adaptive to mobile users. Make sure they are engaging because mobile users have naturally short attention spans. They want snappy, quality and informative content that packs the punch.

Empower your social media efforts

We all know social media is a critical part of content marketing. However, it is foreseen to even surpass the importance of SEO this year. So it’s only right to empower your efforts even more.

Make sure you are present in the right social media platform. Have the best content team to post timely, engaging content as well as readily respond to comments and mentions. Furthermore, adapt certain business strategies that Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat and Instagram users would care for. Remember for as long as these social media channels are constantly innovating (which they are), be ready to utilize it to its maximum.

Go offline

Yes, online is the strongest area to market your business right now. However, it’s not the only one. Going offline brings you other profit-yielding opportunities you won’t find web-based. So be ready to research and perform a handful of bottom line marketing strategies.

Who knows? You may just stumble upon a offline goldmine.


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