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4 Social Media Marketing Tips for the Holidays

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The holidays are the perfect time for social media marketing. Everyone’s in the spirit of giving and as countless brands flood feeds with countless products and services, it’s essential to set yourself apart from the rest. Moreover, people are much more open to spend and are ready to hear all about what you have to offer.

If you want to make the most of the season online, don’t fret. We’ve gathered effective social media marketing tips for the holidays that will help you start strong when the New Year starts.

Follow these social media tips to “sleigh” your marketing campaigns this season.


  1. Cook up a theme

Just about every brand will be designing their social media pages for the season. This doesn’t only amplify the Christmas spirit they want to emanate among their target audience. It also makes them a lot more attractive to their customers. So why not do the same? Make it easier on your part by creating a theme throughout your platforms.

Steve Hamm of Business 2 Community explains, “Whether it’s a color theme like Red, or a value theme like Family, having a through-line for your social media will help you pop. Consumers are more likely to share social media content during the last three months of the year. Take holiday themed photos, create videos and don’t forget to display your holiday cheer.”


  1. Provide special offers

The holidays are a spending season. However, it doesn’t mean all customers are up to pay for just about anything. What they seek are exclusive offers and deals that will make them feel that they are paying for better prices. That’s why it’s important to cook up special offers and advertise them on your social media. Considering the followers you have, this is a great opportunity to show them that they are in for worthy offers.

SEO expert John of Mass Planner stresses the importance of this practice: “During the holiday season, people look for sales and special offers. These two play an important role in holiday buying decisions. Since the value of each purchase is more closely examined these days, give special offers. Offer coupons, coupon codes, and special deals to your fans on social media sites. Let them know that the deals are exclusive and they will know you don’t take them for granted. Potential clients will start engaging with your company because they know they will benefit. As a result, you will build your online community.”


  1. Amplify your holiday content

Don’t hesitate to double your efforts when it comes to coming up with compelling holiday content. Whether these are Christmas-themed blog posts or holiday-centric contests and competitions, it’s the season that majority of the market will care about. They’re in the festive mood. That’s why it’s best to fill up your social media pages with related posts.

Speaking of contests, Hamm suggests rewarding participants with something that will give your market the perfect impression: “Offer prizes such as a discounts towards your business or service and even a goody bag filled with products. Encourage participants to like posts, tag their friends and re-post images to increase the amount of people you reach. You may also like to offer a daily prize draw that will keep consumers coming back to your social media accounts.”

You shouldn’t fall short on visual content either. This is the perfect time to showcase your brand using your own photos or videos. Amir Zonozi, Strategy Officer of Zoomph shares, “Most people today are programmed to ignore ads. Showcasing authentic photos of your audience drives your intended message while encouraging a deeper, emotional interest from new and loyal fans alike. Relate to them with real people, in real moments, using your product and services.”


  1. Share your brand’s story

Everything is heartfelt during this time of the year. It’s the perfect moment to share with your market personal stories that will connect with them; that will give them the impression that you are not just another marketing-manic company who only cares for sales.

It’s the best time to share your brand’s story. Give them the snippet or an exclusive peek as to how your business works or what you are all about. Social Media Examiner’s Mari Smith says, “Invite people into your business’s world. Take the opportunity to share a milestone with your audience, do a series of posts showcasing your employees, or both.

Australian fashion retailer Country Road shared its brand story in a visually rich Facebook ad campaign to promote its Holiday 2015 campaign. The campaign proved to be almost five times more effective at driving in-store sales than online sales. Country Road wanted to position itself as the store for holiday gifting to maximize Christmastime sales across its women’s, men’s, children’s, and home ranges.”


Remember to keep the holiday spirit in mind throughout your social media campaigns. Since this is the platform that directly connects you with your market, take it as an opportunity to spread the Christmas cheer.

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