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6 Essential B2B Marketing Tips to Stay Ahead

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B2B marketing has changed over the years. What used to be highly effective at first is now deemed mediocre. Most of the time, all it takes is a simple Google search for potential partners, sellers, buyers and investors to see if you’re worth their resources. That’s why it’s very important to keep up with the times and know what works best.

The great thing about our advanced technology today is that it opened a lot of doors for many businesses to flourish. You have a wider spectrum of strategies at the touch of your fingertips. All you have to do is find out which ones are the best B2B marketing strategies and use them to your advantage.

From mobile marketing to in-depth customer experience, we’ve lined up the essential B2B marketing tips for you to stay on top.

  1. Optimize customer research

When you’re transacting with other businesses, that enterprise automatically becomes your customer. From here, you must practice what you’ve learned in B2C marketing and see your fellow businesses as a customer whose needs and desires you will satisfy.

This is where customer research comes into play. You need to know who your customers are, where they are located, what their preferences are, and so on. You need to put yourself in their shoes in order to understand them. For example, you’re looking for a shirt buyer in the U.S. To find the right one, you’ll need to refine your search and ask the right questions.

Where in the US do you want to supply? What’s your capacity to supply? What’s your minimum buying requirement? Questions like these narrow down your research and prevent you from wasting resources.

  1. Strengthen your content

Content still reigns as king until now. It is still what distinguishes you from competitors and what engages businesses and customers alike. If you’re not investing on top-notch content, trust that other businesses wouldn’t exactly want to transact with you.

This is to say that hiring someone from the accounting or sales department is a major no-no. You should either work with a content marketing agency or start hiring quality freelancers.

Remember, your content, like your reputation precedes you. It will speak for you especially now that everything can be found online. So make it count.

  1. Invest on paid content placements

Don’t just obsess over your website. Don’t spend all your money on paid Google ads. There are more ways to reach out to other businesses out there. Expand your pain content placements by dipping your toes on other platforms.

Go for paid guest blogging. Invest on sponsored Facebook, Instagram and Twitter posts. There’s just far too much untapped market you won’t ever get to work with if you skip on these areas.

Remember, online traffic is everything. Ensure that your paid content placement will be compelling enough to drive enterprises to where you want them to go.

  1. Use social media wisely

Most businesses miss the point of using social media. If you really want to be the best B2B marketer you know, you should understand that social media isn’t just for posting. It’s also for engaging with your audience.

It’s one thing to post about your latest product or service. It’s another to respond to someone who asked about it. Go the extra mile and communicate with your target market. Listen to what they have to say. Use tools like HootSuite to always be in the know of what others are saying about you in social media. This way, you are addressing things, not overlooking them.

  1. Don’t forget about CRM & marketing automation

CRM and marketing automation make up the backbone of long lasting and loyal customers. That’s why it’s an absolute must to have a technology solution that will do both processes for you. Otherwise, you fail to nurture leads and cultivate lasting relationships with your current customers.

CRM and marketing automation lets you have a place where you can oversee all customer transactions and updates. The software also tells you how you’re going to market your products and services to the right people. In short, these two processes boost your B2B marketing sales to the top.

  1. Improve your mobile marketing

Many predict that in the very near future, 1 in every 5 sales made will originate from mobile transactions. You can’t deny the power of mobile usage and marketing nowadays. From quick Google searches and social media to shopping online, mobile phones have taken over consumers and businesses the world over.

So don’t be the last one to upgrade. Make your site mobile-friendly. Take a step further by creating an app for your business if you deal with a lot of orders, scheduling and networking. Do everything you can that won’t shy away your mobile user market. You’d be surprise how your sales will boost in no time.

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