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Creating an effective content marketing strategy

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According to the 2013 survey of the Content Marketing Institute, about 86% of B2C (Business to Consumer) companies are planning to maintain or increase expenditure on current content marketing that year and about 54% B2B (Business to Business) companies are doing the same.  Content marketing will expect to see continuous growth in the future.  Why?

Because it is the future of Internet marketing.

And with Google’s algorithm’s constant shifting, certain SEO practices and strategies which may have worked in the past will no longer be applicable in the future.  It is therefore important to cook up a content marketing strategy which will benefit a website or company for the long haul.

So how do you create a good framework for an effective content marketing strategy?

For starters, a lot of research is required.  If you are going to implement this strategy to a client’s business or your own company, you’ll need to know what type of business model they use to bring in revenue, or which product sells more.  In addition, research on the existing customer base is also important so you’ll know how the company attracts them and gets them to purchase their products and services.

Next, you need to gather the data in order to make an informed decision.  There are many ways to do this:  market research and surveys, keyword research and competitor analysis.

Once you have the data you needed, analysis and assessment comes next.  This will help you determine how the data you have gathered correlates the data you have on hand.

After you have made your assessment, you must now be able to identify the individuals or groups who would be interested in the type of content the company will produce, with the goal to develop relationships with key influencers and thought leaders.

Once you have made your assessments and identified your target readers or viewers, you are now ready to create relevant content and publish them.  It is crucial, however, that you follow editorial guidelines when creating content to ensure that you produce nothing but high quality content not only aimed to inform but to engage current and future customers.

The creation of content marketing strategy does not end there though.  Once it is already out there, you need to assess how it has performed, what value can be received from it, and if there are any updates or changes necessary to make it even better.  It is very important that the content created must be able to fulfill the original goals of the content marketing strategy you have formulated.


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