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From the advent of social media up until now, it is inevitable that the influence of such a phenomenon on us is great. The mere fact that an average person spends at least three hours on Facebook alone is enough proof that social media and the internet is consuming most of the time of our lives.

That is why for the past decade or so, marketing has now moved from radio, media and print and has expanded in the internet. For some companies, internet marketing has been their preferred type of marketing medium because of several reasons. First, it is cheaper. The usual TV commercial advertisement can range up to $100,000 to $200,000 a pop and that cost can differ depending on the timeslot that you choose. If you are a start-up company that is still thriving on credit and has not yet tasted their ROI, then advertisement through the internet is relatively more cost effective as compared to radio and print ads. Second, it builds more traffic. Just make sure that your marketing style is catchy and innovative. The more innovative your marketing style is, the more it will be shared on the internet. And lastly, more and more companies prefer marketing on the internet since interaction with customers and consumers are better and faster.  Think of chat rooms, video conferences, email, Skype and so much more.

More and more are also using social media as a tool to proliferate and advertise. Influential and often used social media platforms are Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. It would also be helpful to have a well-organized and eye-catching website where people can visit. A great website should also contain your company’s information, product and background. It would also be a great help if your website is linked and is employing an efficient and effective customer service personnel; someone who immediately answers customer’s questions and feedback.

If you, as a company would like to start on internet marketing, but has no idea on how to handle and build traffic on the internet, it is advisable to tap an advertisement company who specializes on this. But before you dive and make a deal with that internet advertising company, it is imperative that you check that company’s background and efficiency. And if you have done that, expect to have great returns.

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