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SEO ARTICLE WRITINGWhat gets you on top of Google’s search engine rankings is correct SEO writing.

Aimless writing will lead you nowhere.

Read on and take a look at some tips that can help you in your SEO efforts.

Tip #1:  Do keyword research

You want to plan ahead the keywords you like to rank high on. This will help you focus on good keywords and not waste time on others that you know will not work for your case. You can choose primary keywords which have high volume searches and write posts for these. You can then proceed writing for secondary keywords which still have considerable search volume but with lesser competition.

Tip #2:  Write a killer headline

While you are doing SEO writing, don’t forget that you are still writing for your readers. And a wonderful way to get them to read your blog posts and articles is by writing a killer headline. How will you write one? Put in benefit… even better, add curiosity. A combination of this two is the best.

Tip #3:  Make your content interesting

Make your articles interesting by making a strong stand on a subject. You will not get read if you don’t stand for something because you’ll be no different from most websites out there. Offer your readers a perspective they’d either love or hate. That’s the way to get people to regularly visit your site.

Tip #4:  Include Images

By putting images in your blog posts or websites, you’ll be a notch higher than many sites out there. So it will work well for you if you include relevant, attractive photos and pictures. Of course, don’t forget to put in labels and html tags.

Tip #5:  Use bullet points

What make bullet points great? It makes it easier for your readers to scan through your content. Studies show that most web visitors are scanners. So give these majority of readers what they want. And even for non-scanners, others will also appreciate a clear content structure. They will also understand your message better. So the next time you write a post, try using bullet points.

Here you have it. SEO writing that makes the big difference for your online projects.

Understand that writing for the web is not only for search engines… and not only for your readers. But for both. Focusing on one without the other will not get you the results you need to succeed online. Getting the right combination will set you apart from your competition, giving you a better chance in succeeding.





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