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Should You Blog?

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Yes, you should blog, especially if you own a business. Today, it is an established fact that business blogging is a good marketing strategy that can put a business right in front of the minds of its target customers. A recent study revealed that 57 percent of companies which regularly put out blogs reported that they got the interest of their customers through their blogs. We are now in a world that is connected and blogging has proven to be an effective tool to get increasing online visibility.

Just like social media marketing and email marketing, a business blog can help boost the online presence of your business and consequently your income as well. It goes to show that putting out blogs regularly is an inexpensive and very easy way of improving your bottom line. Here are some of the benefits that your business can reap if you come out with blogs on a regular basis.

Blogs Will Personalize Your Business

If you put out blogs about your business, you will be able to show your target customers different aspects of your company that you do not normally show in your regular advertisements. With blogs, you can show them the personal side of your company, tell them about your vision, and show them the standards that your company is adhering to. Personalizing your business will bring it closer to your target customers.

Blogs Will Increase Your Traffic

You don’t have to limit the number of pages in your website with just your standard advertisements. With blogs, you can increase the number of pages by putting out regular content about your business and your company. When you post a blog on your website, you will get an additional indexed page in internet search engines. And if you put out several blogs that means you will get more indexed pages. These additional pages will give your business more opportunities to show up in internet search engines. In other words, more people searching for your product or service will get to see your name listed on search engine results which will eventually lead them to your website thus increasing your traffic. In addition, blogs can also increase the social media presence of your business, which will also lead people to your website.

Blogs Can Enhance Your Website’s SEO

Regularly putting out blog for your business will also improve the search engine optimization (SEO) of your website. Internet search engines such as Google and Yahoo craves for fresh content. So, if you come out with new content on a regular basis, these search engines will have new blogs about your business or company that they will have to index. And by using the most effective keyword and keyword phrases, your business will be able to land on the first pages of these search engine results.

Blogs Can Convert Website Traffic Into Sales Leads

The best benefit to your business when you post blogs regularly is that you can turn your website traffic into sales leads. You can safely assume that people who have visited your website are interested in what your product or service can do to them. In effect, you have shortened the selling process with the use of your blogs. Now that you know who are interested in your business, you can then start converting them into sales leads and hopefully as paying customers. You can transform traffic in your website into sales leads by simply adding a call-to-action feature in all your blog posts. The call-to-action feature could be in the form of a button that a visitor clicks to get a free offer, to go to a landing page, or to fill out a form.

Blogs Produce Long-Term Results

If your blog posts consistently lands on the first pages of internet search engines, they will stay there for weeks, months and even years. That would mean your website will consistently attract new visitors. If that happens, you will regularly have new sales leads to attend to. Your next step is to convert them into buying customers.

Blogs Can Establish Your Business

Coming out with regular blogs will build trust in your target market, especially if you come out with fresh, factual, informative and useful content. Overtime, your company will be regarded as a “go to” resource where valuable information is always available. Being regarded as a source of factual and useful information is critical in getting the trust and confidence of your target market.

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