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What are some of the Top SEO Myths of 2014?

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There are different myths that we encounter via the internet that we believed to be true. These myths spread like wildfire among online entrepreneurs, website owners, or web masters especially if it comes from those who committed a mistake or mistakes with one or more of the online strategies that help in ranking a website to the top of the search engines. Below are some of the myths and the reality behind them.

Myth number one would be the death of link building. Link building, if not done right, would not work, or will incur you penalties instead. Therefore, you must remember to be smart and tactical about it. Therefore, link building from reputable websites is still one of the most effective ways of improving your website’s rankings. Be careful not to violate Google Webmaster guidelines. One will never survive in a competitive industry without link building.

Myth number two would be thinking that getting a high ranking in Google is all about links. People commonly misunderstand this concept. Again, one has to be smart and tactical about this. It’s comparable to getting a feedback about your product or your website. The product or your website has to have value in order to receive a good and truthful feedback that is also helpful to the other users.

Myth number three would be thinking that keeping a high keyword density works. Again, this concept is commonly misunderstood. Stuffing all these words into an article would end up producing very unattractive SEO copies that do not help with the rankings. To avoid this, use different combinations of the main keywords in the text. This will help in increasing the keyword density of the important terms in a natural way which will incorporate the most common keyword combinations that users would likely search.

Myth number four is getting penalized for having a duplicated content. Although this is one of the most commonly feared “errors” for webmasters, in reality, having a duplicated content is okay for legitimate websites. Not unless the intent is to deceive and manipulate the search engine results, then having a duplicated content is bad. A perfect example would be having a lot of pages with the same content or different links pointing to the same page.

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