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With how our technology work today and how fast it’s evolving, business marketers should be constantly aware of the changes, and that includes marketing trends. In business, knowing how to market the product is significant. If you have a product and you don’t do anything with it, then nothing will happen, and no one will buy it.

A lot of companies and small business do social media marketing. These social media marketing strategies are very convenient because you get to promote your product without paying much. It’s also proven very effective because not all are enthusiastic enough to go out of their house. It’s also better for international companies since they can reach people around the world.

There are marketing trends to consider, and these are the following:

Relevant and Original Content

Making relevant and original content is not easy because your idea right now can be another person’s idea. It takes time in researching and effort in picking which content is relevant. Consumers appreciate it when companies and marketers use relevant content because it’s easier for them to read contents without going through paragraphs of the idea.

One of the reasons why this is a difficult task is because of marketers who copy and paste contents and making it their own. You probably know what it feels like if you have a company or a business.

Consumers these days are clever in avoiding “clickbait” and choosing contents that can solve their problem immediately. If you consistently put on original content, consumers will notice, and that’s when you’ll gain their trust. Once this happens, they’ll love you, and your reward would be genuine, amazing reviews, and you can even earn a recommendation to their friends and family.

Authenticity and Transparency

Consumers who are knowledgeable about marketing will see right through your branding. Some are very particular if your content doesn’t reflect and connect with your mission, vision, and values. And as marketers and business owners, you should follow your brand because your company would sound pathetic and senseless if you sell products that are the opposite of your brand.

A large percentage of consumer loyalty comes from authenticity and transparency. Some companies don’t provide transparency and would have the audacity to copy or create inauthentic content. These types of companies are going to suffer in the long run. Others might end up shutting down, especially when people who see the red flag dig deeper about the company’s bank statements for validity.

Content marketing is all about educating and entertaining audiences your product in a way such as promotions or advertisement. In this way, the audience will see the authenticity and transparency of your content which would lead them to trust your brand.

In creating contents, you should:

  • Align the Vision, Mission, and Values of your company with your brand.
  • Make your brand reachable for the audience so they can reach your offer.
  • Make your brand comfortable and engaging for the audience.



Influencer marketing is a game-changer for a lot of reasons. Though, this strategy gets misunderstood often by business leaders and marketers in so many reasons. The role of an influencer is to promote your products and tell their thoughts about your product.

In finding the perfect influencer, you don’t have to pick famous ones as a start. You can go for influencers that use products under the same industry for contents. For example, if you sell beauty products or hair vitamins, you can look for influencers that are in the beauty community to promote and sell your product.

It is a big thing to do research and find influencers who would genuinely promote and use your product. These things add to your product’s branding, and consumers appreciate genuine reviews. A lot of influencers nowadays promote products and leave good reviews because they read scripts and because their agency says so.

You don’t need to have influencers as big as the Kardashians to promote your brand and products. Instead of encouraging influencers or buying them to promote your products, think about how you can make them a partner. In this way, they would promote and post contents about your product for years.

If you still have doubts on how things work, go to your browsers and find influencers who promote sponsored products. You’ll see how dry they talk about it and that’s not what you want. Influencer marketing is one of the fastest ways to promote your product, and this can hit a lot of audiences.

A friendly reminder, not because you partnered with a social media influencer your brand will boom in one night. It also depends if the social media influencer you chose is perfect for the work. A good relationship with them and a goal will give you great results.

Brand Storytelling

Everyone has a story of their own, and that includes your brand. Learning how to make a story that can give leverage to your brand is a skill that marketers and business leaders haven’t mastered. People misinterpret this strategy to being entitled to make people talk about them more when it’s more of storytelling your experience and journey.

When your brand becomes successful, a lot of people would want to get an interview with you to tell your story.

When you write about your brand story, you should think carefully first the questions the audience would ask you. Questions should regard how you’ve reached where you are and how difficult it was to come up with this kind of business. A lot of people would like your story in time, and perhaps your story would become an inspiration to people.

It may take a while for people to remember your brand. Maximize each change and slowly add experiences that matters. This will help in shaping up your brand and the people.

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