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Despite how far technology has progressed in contemporary age, the idea of online businesses has yet to become a widely known idea in the mainstream world. People with limited understanding of the mechanics of web-based entrepreneurship remain skeptical with the principles of SEO services. Ironically, search engine optimization remains to be the standard practice of making online entrepreneurship possible. A number of white collar job descriptions have been vital for the ongoing search engine optimization operations. These are the following example of professional individuals that made internet commerce possible:


Developers that are expert in computer programming can be considered the backbone of the overall social media marketing strategy. It is their job to build up the entire matrix code that enables the marketing website to function. Such tasks require tremendous amount of advanced mathematics, particularly algorithm. It is perhaps one of the fewest fields where complex algebraic and algorithmic principles are being widely utilized and directly applied in general practice.

Campaign managers

One would consider these types of online professionals as the accounting division of the web-based business processing operations. Their job is to collect, interpret and organize data based on the campaign research. Every search engine optimization operation is concerned with generating huge traffic. This system is the entire basis of earning money via SEO trade. Campaign managers are responsible for assessing the financial conditions of the project by issuing daily reports to clients regarding how much income their website is generating through its traffic density. Their task requires basic numerical calculation used by every accounting and book-keeping profession. It is a very technical obligation performed periodically (mostly daily) and one that could do well with a highly automated system. Which is why apart from web developers, every SEO operations must have…

System administrators

While web developers are hired to build the website’s operating system, system administrators are assigned to maintain its functionality. While they are invaluable to keeping the internal state of the project, the scope of their duties also includes fixing or optimizing necessary hardware. It is understood that these professionals are well-versed in mathematics, but their knowledge is only practiced in terms of its purely mechanical purpose. Unlike developers, system administrators use algebra and algorithm as a useful analogy to their hands-on tasks.

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